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7 Reasons Every Foreign Educated Nurse Should Use a Recruiter

As the aging population in the U.S. continues to rise, so does the need for essential health care services. This in turn increases the need for quality health care workers, with nurses always being at the top of the list. With a shortage of American educated nurses in the job market, the need for foreign educated nurses is great. With the American Dream at your fingertips, it is important not to take this journey alone. Recruiters can help you not only get the U.S., but succeed here as well. Here are 7 reasons to use a recruiter as a foreign educated nurse.

Immigration Support

The immigration process can be tedious and stressful, but you do not have to do it alone! Recruiters and international staffing agencies will work with you throughout the entire immigration process. A recruiter can help you apply for green cards and file the necessary paper work for visas. They not only help you before you get here, but also will follow you on your journey in the U.S.


The training for foreign educated nurses does not end with a bachelor’s degree. There are job specific training requirements before moving into the workforce. International staffing agencies, like MedPro International, have comprehensive training programs to make sure you are fully prepared for your first day on the floor. This includes education for all of your necessary exams and language courses as well as specific clinical training. Also, anytime you discover you need continuing education, your recruiter can help guide you in the right direction.


In tandem with the training and immigration needs, there are the credentialing, licensing, and certification requirements. Specific regions, states, and even facilities may require additional licenses or certifications.  A major benefit of working with a recruiter is having someone working directly with you throughout the whole process and make sure you do not fall behind. Many of these credentials expire over time and a recruiter can help make sure you stay on track for renewal. When going through this process alone, you may miss one or two requirements, but working with an experienced recruiter will give you the leg up you need to succeed.


There is more to being a foreign educated nurse in the U.S. than just the proper paper work and credentials. Moving to a new country can be overwhelming and doing it alone is not recommended. A recruiter can help you with everything from finding the right transportation to helping you find the best housing and even help with setting up a bank account. They can help with child care as well as other practical life skills. As part of the training, recruiters will also help with the language barriers and education. Meeting new people can also be tough so recruiters can help you find the best networking opportunities in your new town.

Tied in to the best opportunities

Whether you are looking for something long-term or short-term, working with an international staffing agency is the best option for you. Through years of relationship building, these agencies are tapped into a vast network of clients and hospitals. Also, working with a recruiter, especially as a foreign-educated nurse, you may be eligible for incentives like bonuses. These can be sign-on bonuses or specific achievement bonuses, but nonetheless, it is extra money in your pocket. Also, if you have a specific part of the country you would like to live in, you can tell the recruiter and they will work to provide you with the best opportunities in that area.

Interview Assistance

Interviewing for jobs is a daunting task regardless of where you’re from or your career aspirations. Practicing in front of mirror can be helpful, but will only get you so far. A recruiter will help you with everything from what to say to what to wear. Knowing exactly what these organizations are looking for, a recruiter will prepare you with a list of questions that will most likely be asked during the interview. A recruiter will also give you the tough love a friend or family member may not. These recruiters will work tirelessly to make sure you are ready. By the time you eventually go in for the real interview, you will be extremely prepared and make a great impression on your new employer.

Ongoing Support

A final benefit of using a recruiter, especially for an international staffing agency that specializes in foreign educated nurses, is they do not leave you high and dry once you get the job. They will support you throughout your entire career. It is in their benefit to make sure you not only succeed initially, but in the long-term. Support may come in many forms. You may need financial advice or simply a shoulder to cry on after a stressful shift. A recruiter that is with you for the whole process can easily turn into a good friend or even a member of the family. And once you are ready to move on to your next adventure, you will already have a fighter in your corner ready to take on the challenge.

Ready to make the move to the U.S.?

MedPro International is here to provide the training, immigration support, and resources to make sure you are able to live the American Dream. To learn more, contact one of our experienced recruiters today!

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