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8 Reasons to Hire Recent Medical Technology Graduates

8 Reasons to Hire Recent Medical Technology Graduates

8 Reasons to Hire Recent Medical Technology Graduates

Graduation season is upon us! Caps are flying at high schools and colleges all around the country as young people are excited to move into the workforce or continue their education. Furthermore, medical technologist staffing is an important issue every medical facility faces at some point. With a new pool of eager graduates at your fingertips, it is up to you to help turn those gowns into scrubs. Recent graduates will bring a new energy to your organization and may even save you money. Here are 8 reasons to hire recent medical technology graduates.

Technology savvy

Recent graduates have been around various forms of technology since the day they were born. They can quickly learn a new software or hardware. They will need less handholding and training on whatever platforms or tools you use. Recent graduates may also be able to train veteran staff members on how to use new technology. Millennials are digital natives and picking up new technology is like breathing for them. They are also more likely to be experts in social media which is always a great resource for your organization. Hiring recent graduates as part of your medical technologist staffing plan will also move your organization further into the 21st century.

Diversity and culture

Whether it is a diversity of thought or background, there is a large and diverse talent pool of recent grads ready to be hired. Recent graduates are more likely to be open-minded and will bring a fresh perspective to your organization. It is always important to have a diverse workforce regardless of the occupation. More people are graduating college now than ever before. Hiring recent college graduates can help solved your medical technologist staffing and diversity needs.

Know the latest and greatest procedures

New advancements in medicine are discovered and shared with the medical community every day. Institutions of higher education are where many of these new procedures are discovered and taught. Recent graduates come out of college knowing the latest and greatest procedures for your medical facility. This will mean less time and money necessary for training. Your new employees may even be able to train your veteran staff members on these latest and greatest procedures. This will only benefit your most important demographic which is your patients.

Hard workers

Contrary to the millennial stereotype, this generation is full of the hardest workers on the market. They are also thirsty for knowledge. Recent graduates are ready to prove themselves to their new employers. They are not afraid to ask and answer questions. Most recent graduates are willing to do the grunt work to move up in the organization. They will do what they need to do to advance in their career and the company. In many instances, they will also know the most efficient ways to complete a task.

No bad habits

Recent graduates will not be set in their ways. While they may require more supervision on the front end, they will also be easier to train as they have not picked up bad habits over the years. As they are ready to prove themselves, they are more likely to adapt to your process. A recent graduate is a blank canvas. They can quickly adapt to any company culture and are less likely to question or complain about a specific process. They are also more likely to have a positive attitude towards their work.

Flexible schedules

While this not true in every case, many recent graduates are young and do not have many personal obligations. This means they are more likely to be willing to work at night and on the weekends. They will most likely have more energy than an experienced employee. Recent graduates are also more likely to need the money and are willing to work the least desirable shifts.

Ambassadors for future staff

When properly cultivated from the start, your new young staff members can be your best ambassadors for future staff members. You can send them to career fairs or networking events. As many of them are young, they will be more willing and able to attend events in the evening and on the weekend. Potential future staff members are also more likely to be interested in the job when hearing from someone who was recently in their shoes.

Lower cost

One reason to hire a recent graduate is they can be paid a lower level salary. On average, recent graduates cost 20-40 percent less than an experienced individual. Combined with their willingness to put in the extra work and time, hiring recent graduates may be the smartest financial decision for your organization. If they are paired with a recruiter or their career center, it will be easier to be connected to these new employees, in turn saving your organization money on the job search.

Looking for recent medical technology graduates to join your team?

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