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Celebrating National Allied Health Week

Celebrating National Allied Health Week

Every year during the first full week of November, the healthcare community recognizes National Allied Health Week (November 6 – 12, 2022), celebrating the contributions of allied health professionals to our healthcare system. Allied health performs a vital role in patient care. Approximately seven million allied health professionals, comprising 60 percent of the healthcare workforce, administer diagnostic evaluations, treatment for diseases and disorders, rehabilitation services, and more.  


Demand for Allied Health


Over 70 disciplines fall under the allied health umbrella, including physical, occupational, and respiratory therapists, physician assistants, medical clinical laboratory scientists, emergency medical personnel (EMT and paramedics), imaging specialists (radiographers, sonographers, nuclear medicine technologists), cytotechnologists, and audiologists.


The need for more healthcare workers has dominated headlines since the COVID-19 pandemic. While much of the attention has focused on nurses, the demand for allied health workers continues to surge. The Health Resources and Services Administration projects that by 2030 demand for many specialties will increase by double digits.


22% demand increase for occupational therapists (to 127,260)

19% demand increase for clinical laboratory technologists (to 198,440)

21% demand increase for registered dieticians (to 95,540)

30% demand increase for respiratory therapists (to 144,100)

17% demand increase for EMTs and paramedics (to 305,770)



Celebrate Allied Health Professionals


Join facilities, companies, organizations, and individuals across the U.S., recognizing the efforts and contributions of allied health professionals during Allied Health Week. Here are just a few ideas to show your thanks.

Recognition Gifts 

Show Allied healthcare professionals you care with gift cards for a massage or a manicure and pedicure, personalized embroidered scrubs, or tech items such as wireless earbuds and phone chargers.



Post on social media, get a proclamation from your local or state government proclaiming November 6-12 as Allied Health Professionals Week in your town or city, and contact news outlets and local businesses.


Community Awareness

Volunteer in schools, daycares, and school programs and teach about the allied professions.


Host a Meal or Order Catering

Treat allied healthcare workers to a delicious meal. Nothing says you care like good food.


Be sure to recognize and thank all the allied healthcare professionals November 6 – 12 for their efforts in providing quality patient care and supporting the healthcare industry.

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