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CGFNS and MedPro International Discuss the Healthcare Workforce Shortage and Improving and Expediting the Licensure and Credentialing Process

CGFNS and MedPro International Discuss the Healthcare Workforce Shortage and Improving and Expediting the Licensure and Credentialing Process

The state of the U.S. healthcare industry and workforce shortage were top of mind when CGFNS International, Inc. Interim CEO Mukul Bakhshi, JD, recently visited the MedPro International Office in Sunrise, Florida. Bakhshi met with MedPro leadership to review the industry’s biggest challenges and discuss ways to improve and expedite the foreign-educated healthcare professional licensure and credentialing evaluation process.


“The current healthcare workforce shortage underscores the urgent need for all of us to do our part to assist eligible foreign-educated healthcare professionals pursuing a career in the U.S.,” said Bakhshi. CGFNS, the world’s largest credentials evaluation organization for nursing and allied health professionals, helps foreign-educated healthcare professionals live and work in the U.S. and other countries by assessing and validating their academic and professional credentials.

Foreign-educated healthcare workers are a vital resource for the U.S. healthcare industry. They comprise approximately 10 percent of the workforce as facilities struggle with staffing shortages. Hospitals have reported up to 99 percent capacity, and providers have sounded the alarm on the need for more staff. As a leader in the recruitment, training, and staffing of foreign-educated healthcare professionals, MedPro is on the frontlines of bringing much-needed help into the U.S.

“There are plenty of qualified foreign-educated candidates ready to work in the U.S.,” said Patty Jeffrey, MedPro International Executive Vice President of International Operations and President for the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR). “The challenge is getting those candidates into the country expeditiously.” Jeffrey and Bakhshi discussed the crucial role of the AAIHR in ensuring members are in accordance with the AAIHR Code of Ethics when recruiting foreign-educated healthcare professionals.


Ethical Recruitment

In addition to speaking with Jeffrey, MedPro Healthcare Staffing CEO Liz Tonkin, and the rest of the leadership team, Bakhshi met with MedPro employees to review the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices’ objectives, code of ethics, and ethical practices in recruitment. Employees shared experiences during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and their expectations for the coming year as healthcare facilities struggle with staffing.

Bakhshi also spoke with foreign-educated healthcare professionals in orientation at MedPro University®, preparing to start jobs in locations across the U.S. “It was a great opportunity to speak with nurses and medtechs who have been through the entire process and hear what that experience was like,” said Bakhshi. “They provide valuable insight as we continue to improve and reevaluate the process.” The class will finish orientation and start their new positions in the coming month.


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