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Global Initiative, COVAX, Making COVID-19 Vaccine More Accessible

Global Initiative, COVAX, Making COVID-19 Vaccine More Accessible

An evolving worldwide immunization campaign, via the World Health Organization (WHO), dubbed COVAX, is ensuring that the vaccination process is globally equitable and readily available.

The COVAX initiative is helmed by a partnership among WHO, CEPI, Gavi and UNICEF. Its mission is simple, making the vaccine available on a global scale, which it makes known per its slogan, ‘With a Fast-Moving Pandemic, No One is Safe, Unless Everyone is Safe’. The team seeks to speed-up the process in developing and manufacturing vaccines to ensure fair and plentiful access in every country.

COVID-19 has crippled industries, forced businesses to close and continues to take lives. Vaccine development is certainly a difficult challenge considering the staggering number of the global population. The introduction of vaccines, specifically in healthcare workers, allowed for the public to get back to optimal health and find a sense of normalcy again. COVAX assists in helping 20% of countries’ populations get vaccinated, helps vaccines get to where they need to be, faster, and in an effort to rebuild economies, is playing a role in bringing the acute phase of the pandemic to a close.

As of April 8, 2021, COVAX has now reached over 100 global economies since its initial delivery.

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