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Explorers Enjoying Enhanced Learning Experience at MEDPROU®

Explorers Enjoying Enhanced Learning Experience at MEDPROU®

Whether they’ve just signed their contract or finished their orientation, Explorers are enjoying an all-new enhanced learning experience at MedProU®. Updated graphics, enhanced navigation, and features like the “Go Learn” mobile app put convenience and power into Explorers’ hands for an improved interactive learning experience.

“We’re really excited about the new platform and our ‘Go Learn’ mobile app, with improved mobile functionality,” said Executive Vice President International Operations Patty Jeffrey. “Many of our Explorers have greater access through a smartphone than traditional desktop or laptop. But regardless of their preferred technology, everything they need for MedProU® is available with the app or online.”


Getting Started

Once an Explorer’s account has been created, they will be provided a link to the platform, their username, and a link to reset their password, so they can log in. Once they’re logged in, Explorers can access learning plans, course modules, and training materials, see their completion progress, get updated on deadlines, and more.


MedProU’s new learning management system updates Explorers on Live Sessions and their course work progress.



  • All-new “Go Learn” mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Access to instructor-led courses and reading assignments, quizzes, and tests
  • Access to learning plans
  • Watch Lectures/Webinars on the Home Page
  • Calendar marked with upcoming live sessions
  • Visual progress bar for assigned learning plans
  • Visual updates on deadlines



If you have questions or need assistance, for NCLEX, email, and for pre-deployment or orientation, email Explorers can reach out to their assigned instructor for other questions.


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