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Honoring Frontliners for Filipino-American History Month

Honoring Frontliners for Filipino-American History Month

The month of October is a favorite for numerous reasons, but it is also significant in celebrating Filipino-American History Month and the numerous contributions of Filipino-Americans in helping build our country to what it is today.

The earliest known presence of Filipinos in the United States dates to October 18, 1587, in California, specifically Morro Bay. There are now nearly four million Filipino-Americans, which makes up about 1.5% of the country’s population. California first began celebrating Filipino-American History Month in 2006, which was later designated as a national observation in 2009, and every year since.

Filipino-Americans are the second-largest Asian-American population in the nation. The Filipino-American National Historical Society (FANHS) encourages its respective chapters, whether on campuses of colleges and universities or deeply rooted community groups, to observe via events and activities. In fact, the FANHS holds yearly conferences in different cities every-other year. While 2020’s event in Honolulu was canceled because of the virus, 2022 will be in Seattle and 2024 is set for Houston.

At MedPro International, we have staffed more Filipino and foreign-educated nurses into the U.S. healthcare system than any other company in the industry. We want to show our appreciation for our essential and valued healthcare professionals, who are all on the frontline and risking their health to ensure our safety, daily.

For more information regarding FAHM or the FANHS, visit:

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