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Foreign-Educated Nurses Contribute Billions to U.S. Economy

Foreign-Educated Nurses Contribute Billions to U.S. Economy

The post-pandemic healthcare workforce shortage underscored the value of foreign-educated nurses at U.S. healthcare facilities. However, a recent CGFNS International report also revealed these nurses are significant contributors to our economy.

According to The Economics of Nurse Migration, foreign-educated nurses spend $46 billion yearly in the United States while sending hundreds of millions back home to family members. The report by CGFNS, a global leader in credentials evaluation services supporting health worker mobility, provides a more comprehensive understanding of the impact and benefits of healthcare labor migration.

“This report quantifies the financial costs and sacrifices associated with nurse migration while highlighting the substantial contributions that immigrant nurses make to host countries and the economies of both the host and sending nations,” said CGFNS International President and CEO Dr. Peter Preziosi.


The Economics of Nurse Migration

More than 1,500 former CGFNS applicants currently working as nurses in the U.S. responded to the survey. CGFNS used their responses to analyze the financial costs and gains of nurse migration labor to the individuals, their host and source country, communities, and families. Among the report’s findings were:


Top Reasons for Practicing in the United States

Familial 31%

Professional 30%

Economic 25%


Nurse Earnings

Nurses who earned more than $90k annually 26%

Average salary $65,700

Nurses who sent money home  66%

Average amount of money sent 10%

Nurses who used a Recruitment Firm 52%


According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the National Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers, approximately 800,000 registered nurses plan to leave the workforce by 2027.  This is in addition to the already 100,000 RNs who left during the COVID-19 pandemic. Combined, they represent one-fifth of the 4.5 million nurses working in the U.S. healthcare system. Foreign-educated nurses are vital to the continuation of quality care at healthcare facilities nationwide.


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