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Introducing Journey, the Official Magazine of MedPro International

Introducing Journey, the Official Magazine of MedPro International

In 2018, we launched MedPro International, a division of MedPro Healthcare Staffing dedicated to the recruitment, training, and placement of foreign-educated healthcare professionals.

Since then, we have created new materials dedicated to our foreign-educated healthcare professionals nurses, therapists, and medical technologists looking to grow personally and professionally while living and working in the U.S.

Inside each issue of Journey, you will find fun and interesting ideas for crafts, recipes, and family fun. You will also find information on professional subjects such as exam preparation and how to provide excellent patient care in the U.S.

Inside Issue One, you will learn about how to understand your 401(k) retirement account, send money home with the help of smartphone apps, and study for the NCLEX. You will also find fun family crafts and easy recipes from around the world. Click here to read Issue One of Journey magazine!

Each of us has a journey, and every one of them is different.

Regardless of what your journey is, we hope you find our new publication helpful during your journey with MedPro International.

This magazine is for you.

Welcome to Journey.





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