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Introducing – My Story: A MedPro Explorer’s Journey in the U.S.

Introducing – My Story: A MedPro Explorer’s Journey in the U.S.

MedPro International would like to introduce our new and improved program that allows our MedPro Explorers to earn extra money while documenting their U.S. journey.

During your MedProU® Orientation and throughout your employment with MedPro International you can participate in My Story. During every quarter you can submit up to 10 photographs or video clips documenting your new life in the U.S. each worth $10. That is $100 per quarter and a total of $400 per year! Every Explorer that submits 10 photos or videos during the quarter will automatically be entered into the Ultimate Explorer Raffle. MedPro International will randomly select three raffle winners, each earning $500.

Below is a list of experiences that qualify for My Story:

  • MedProU® Orientation
  • Getting your U.S. driver’s license
  • Getting your first car in the U.S.
  • Your flight or drive to your new assignment
  • Moving into your new apartment/house
  • You and your family/friends exploring the U.S.
  • Receiving your first Magic Moment from The MedPro Experience®
  • Celebrating the holidays in the U.S.
  • Receiving your Green Card Submissions and social media handles are to be emailed to

All payouts will be via payroll and are subject to taxes. Please see here for Terms and Conditions.

Please visit our social media channels to view current MedPro International Explorer photos and videos Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.


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