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Introducing the All-New MedPro International

Introducing the All-New MedPro International

We are excited to announce the launch of our new division, MedPro International!

As an organization, we have been changing lives for over 34 years. We have helped countless healthcare professionals find rewarding careers across the nation. While we have established ourselves as an industry leader in the international recruitment, training, and placement of foreign-educated healthcare professionals, one of our core values is to always learn and grow.

Our international department has grown significantly over the past few years and it became evident that the time was right to formally brand this division. We knew from the start that the perfect name for this division would be MedPro International!

With this launch comes many operational changes, including the development of three highly-specialized programs designed for registered nurses, therapists, and medical technologists to help them create a fulfilling career and life in the U.S.

While we have always believed in giving every foreign-educated healthcare professional the chance at their own American Dream, we wanted to do everything we could to make it the most positive, memorable, and rewarding experience possible.

The three highly-specialized programs under the new MedPro International division are:

  • Infion, a program for foreign-educated registered nurses
  • Elevate, a program for foreign-educated therapists
  • Zenith, a program for foreign-educated medical technologists

We have expanded our dedicated team to help our Explorers through every step of their journey and welcome them into our MedPro International family. We are here to help them through training, testing, immigration, and other crucial aspects of your journey.

Our new programs will offer exciting opportunities to broaden their skill set and gain experience working in the U.S. healthcare system.

The All-New MedPro International will be launching shortly, but we wanted to give you a sneak-preview of what you can expect. We will soon have a new MedPro International website with more information about all of our new opportunities across the nation and chances to have a rewarding career and life in the U.S.

Welcome to the All-New MedPro International!

To apply for a healthcare position in the United States, please click here.


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