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MedPro Gives ‘Cocktails for Charity’ Donates to Shattered Voices Unheard

MedPro Gives ‘Cocktails for Charity’ Donates to Shattered Voices Unheard

MedPro Healthcare Staffing’s philanthropic organization, MedPro Gives, is pleased to announce its $1335.00 charitable donation to Shattered Voices Unheard. Every month, MedPro Healthcare Staffing sponsors a charity for its “Cocktails for Charity” Friday Happy Hour initiative. Employees can donate or purchase one happy hour drink toward the chosen charity of the month.

Founded in 2021 by Eiesha Wallace, Shattered Voices’ mission is to support and protect victims of domestic violence and other forms of abuse through advocacy, education, resources, and precise intervention. The non-profit volunteer organization is dedicated to leading and empowering individuals to recover, regain, and revive their individuality to triumph from victim to victor.

To donate to Shattered Voices Unheard or learn more about the non-profit, visit


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