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Whether You Single, Double or Triple Mask, 2021 is All About the Layers

Whether You Single, Double or Triple Mask, 2021 is All About the Layers

It can hardly be considered a fashion statement (until it becomes one), but double masking is all the rage and even President Biden and Vice President Harris are doing it! Health experts are praising those adding the extra level of protection to ward off COVID-19 and its contagious variants as well.

We are now well into a year of battling the COVID-19 pandemic and now we have variants? Way to creep back, 2020. However, even after a whole year, we are still learning how to fight and vaccinate the virus and there is still confusion as to what makes for the best mask for the time being.

Look, we get it, there are varying sizes when it comes to heads, ears, eyes, noses, etc., which makes manufacturer’s jobs that much more difficult. Comfort plays a huge role in how we wear our masks, but efficiency, filtration and breathability are important too.

There is Proof in the Numbers (and the Layers)

Chief Medical Adviser to the President, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said it best, “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective.” So, to reiterate, an increased level of protection protects both yourself and others. It’s a win-win scenario.

Homemade masks are typically only partially effective, sometimes living in the 50-60% range. A common medical-grade mask, which is made of nonwoven plastic-based fabric, are 50% effective. However, placing one under a cloth mask and you have increased the effectiveness of propelling other people’s aerosols by almost 92%.

There are Options Out There for the Anti-Double Masker

Not into the double layering? Some people are selecting woven and flexible three-layer masks which form-fit to the face. This will serve you well until the quadruple-layer drops.

The other option is to consider sporting the N95 mask, or its KN95 or KF94 equivalent respirators, that have been consistently praised by most health experts. These masks are reportedly the best on the market for turning away contagious strains. These masks come equipped with particle-filtering facepieces and allow for optimal air filtration. Similarly, you can also find the FFP1/FFP2 versions in Europe and both Australia and New Zealand are using the P2.

Important Mask Management

  1. When selecting a cloth mask, hold it up to light. If you can see it through the weave of the mask, then it is not woven tightly enough to serve you well.
  2. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests you store your dirty fabric masks in sealed plastic bags or in their own storage bin or hamper until you are able to wash them.
    1. Upon completion of washing masks, let them completely dry on medium-high heat. If that is not an option, lay them flat to dry in direct or high sunlight.
  3. Disposable masks do not have a long life, as most are meant to wear only once. So, wear, toss, repeat is the best method.

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