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MedPro International Celebrates Grenadian Independence

MedPro International Celebrates Grenadian Independence

Wednesday, February 7, marks the 50th Anniversary of Grenadian Independence. Many Grenadians will celebrate at the National Stadium with ceremonies and parades featuring the Royal Grenada Police Force, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, and more. This year’s festivities’ theme is “One People, One Journey, One Future,” alluding to the nation’s traumatic history of slavery and colonialism and Grenadians’ determination to achieve their freedom and independence. A theme song, Grenada 50 – Up from Herewas written to express the country’s strength and progress towards a better future. Known as ‘”the Spice Island” for its nutmeg, allspice, clove, and cinnamon production, Grenada is famous for its beaches, lush forests, and waterfalls.

The island nation achieved independence in 1974 after breaking free from centuries of British colonial rule after the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) defeated the Grenada National Party (GNP) in 1967. In the aftermath of becoming an independent nation, Grenada would be marked by two coups, once in 1979 and once in 1983, that would spur US intervention.


Grenada Fast Facts:
  • Grenada is the southernmost island of the north-south arc of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean Sea. At 134.6 sq miles, it’s one of the smallest independent countries in the Western Hemisphere.
  • St. George is the capital and largest city on the island.
  • English is the official language. However, locals speak Grenadian Creole English and Grenadian Creole French.
  • Grenada’s total population is 113,291.
  • Grenadian artist Antony C. George designed the flag featuring red for Grenadians’ courageous and tenacious spirit, yellow for the nation’s warm weather and the warmth of its people, and green for the island’s vegetation and agriculture.


Happy 50th Independence Day, Grenada!



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