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MedPro International Explorer Q&A – Eunice, Medical Technologist | Arizona

MedPro International Explorer Q&A – Eunice, Medical Technologist | Arizona

Tell us a little about your American journey so far.

“It has been a year since MedPro International gave me an opportunity to become a medical technologist in the U.S. and it is going great! Everything from work to the food and all the experiences, no two days are the same, but I am taking it quite well. One thing I have grown quite accustomed to is in regularly checking the weather. It might snow in the mornings and then sunny in the afternoons. I also have become more comfortable in directions. Map apps will tell you to go East or West instead of Left or Right. Either way, you have to prepare your clothes for every occasion, each day.”

What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

“My shifts typically begin with disinfecting workbenches, receiving endorsements, like QCs, drawing blood, checking pending tests and sending all COVID-19 reports to the administration and state. While I wait for patient’s samples, I will check on previous day tests and perform quality checks and assurance, while executing all necessary paperwork as well. After all of this, patient tests are then processed and resulted to ensure they receive all necessary or immediate medical attention.”

Tell us a about home and any personal or professional hopes for the future.

“I am from Pagadian City, Philippines, a mountainous region near the sea, which is referred to as the, ‘Little Hong Kong of the South’. My hometown has beautiful scenery and a laid-back lifestyle. My mom, Edna, is a nurse for children in the public school system, while my younger brother, Adrian, is just starting senior high school. My father was a news anchor. He is now deceased, but my parents taught me to be independent and I am experiencing the perks of it all, here in America. In the future, I want to be more involved in the health sciences and research, but I also hope to give my family a better life too.”


If you were trying to convince a friend or colleague that MedPro International is the best choice to advance their career, what would you tell them?

“I would tell them it is quite difficult to get to your destination with one foot on the brake. I think fear sometimes prevents them from achieving what they want. All foreign-educated healthcare professionals who want to launch their career here need to know that MedPro International helps you on your way, from every aspect, like credentialing, processing, and getting you your assignment. This will be the biggest leap of your life, but for me, I’m grateful that I took the opportunity to get here.”

How important has the ‘MedPro Experience’ been to you in realizing your ‘American Dream’ and is there anyone at MedPro International that has been instrumental in your growth?

“MedPro International opened a lot of doors for me and I have experienced a lot, both personally and professionally. Marlene, my Personal Journey Guide, as well as Grace Valenzuela and Vanessa Hernando have all helped me feel at ease despite the numerous hurdles brought on by the pandemic. The great thing about the company is that it takes care of you and the people are always there to help.”


How is your 13in13 Journey going? What places have you visited and are there any spots you are looking forward to visiting in the near future?

“Imagine yourself walking through rolls of wallpaper, drenched in peace and solemnity. This is how Arizona looks in person. The prowess of endless canyons and great outdoors will keep you in awe. Some of my favorite spots include Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon Dam, Window Rock, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Lake Powell and, most of all, the Grand Canyon. It feels out-of-this-world, like driving through Mars. I eventually want to visit Antelope Canyon, the Navajo Nation museums and Sedona, among others, when the pandemic subsides. I love to explore and discover about places I visit.”

Have you had the opportunity to visit any other states outside of Arizona?

“Yes! In fact, I get my groceries in New Mexico, so visiting other states has become the norm for me. I have also been to California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Texas and as far east as Florida too. When I travel, I usually find myself at one of the over 400 national state parks, must-see monuments, and attractions, as well as Asian restaurants. It is refreshing to experience the different ambience states have to offer.”


Would you say that you have adapted well to American culture and the difference between the U.S. and Philippines?

“I’m still adapting, I think. American culture is like a conglomerate of civilizations and cultures. Food is quite unique to this country. I love the Navajo tacos with posole. I also enjoy listening to my coworkers’ enthusiasm for their different sports teams. I would love to attend an actual Football game one day. The biggest difference that I have notices is that this country has easy access to public transportation, but also that owning a car here is a necessity and not a luxury.”

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