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MedPro International Explorers Achieving and Succeeding

MedPro International Explorers Achieving and Succeeding
Top (from left): Anthony Ndirangu (UK RN, council chair), Roshni Dhakal (co-chair), Sangay Bhutia, Josephat Nganga, Kwabena Boateng Bottom (from left): Glenda Maglupay (co-chair), Anna Molina, Anitha Manu, Biji Cheriyan, Jency Joseph

MedPro International Explorers are putting their mark on all areas of  healthcare at a facility in Kentucky, from the recovery room to the cover page, underscoring the value of our foreign-educated nurses and allied health. Recently, Nursing Staff Development Specialist and facilitator Sherri Dotson convened the first meeting of the new International Nurse Well-Being Council. The group of 17 nurses, including MedPro International Explorers Roshni Dhakal (co-chair), Sangay Bhutia, Josephat Nganga, Kwabena Boateng, Glenda Maglupay (co-chair), Anna Molina, Anitha Manu, Biji Cheriyan, and Jency Joseph, is committed to building a strong multicultural work environment at the facility.

Dotson said the group has already started establishing goals, including improving “the quality of patient care and recognizing variation in nursing practice compared to countries of origin.” The council also “gives a forum to provide mental self-care and well-being, and gain recognition as a council to support international nurses.” Dotson added that she was hopeful the council will allow the international nurses to have more resources to support their current learning and professional development.


2023-2025 Nursing Strategic Plan

Additionally, the facility just released its 2023-2025 Nursing Strategic Plan. Several photos of nurses are featured in the publication, including Explorer Kwabena Boateng, who graces the cover. Kwabena, originally from Ghana, just started with the facility in May. In fact, the photo was taken his first day on the floor. “Talk about a great way to get started,” said Dotson.


Finally, three Explorers, Roshni Dhakal, Glenda Maglupay, and Esther Lagat, were nominated for a DAISY Award. The DAISY Award is given to registered nurses who exemplify the nursing values of extraordinary compassion, courage, and integrity. Patients, families, and co-workers can nominate a nurse to thank them for their care and kindness. The Daisy Award Winner receives a certificate, a hand-carved Healer’s Touch Sculpture from Zimbabwe, an honoree pin, a congratulations banner, a copy of their nomination, a gift bag, and cinnamon rolls. Congratulations to our Explorers for your work and success.


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