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MedPro International Gives Back ‘Brigada Eskwela 2023’

MedPro International Gives Back ‘Brigada Eskwela 2023’

MedPro International, the industry leader in the international recruitment, training, and staffing of foreign-educated healthcare professionals, recently participated in “Brigada Eskwela 2023,” a school giveback event in Las Pinas City, Philippines. MedPro International visited Pulanlupa and Vergonville elementary schools, donating supplies for students and helping clean classrooms and repaint walls and furniture.

“MedPro International is proud to be part of this effort and give back to these communities,” said MedPro International Executive Vice President Patty Jeffrey. “Education is the foundation for success, and we are committed to being supportive partners and allies as students strive to achieve their dreams.”


“Bayanihan Para sa Matatag na Paaralan”

The event was in conjunction with the Philippines Department of Education’s “Schools Maintenance Week,” the country’s volunteer initiative to prepare schools for opening day. This year’s theme, “Bayanihan Para sa Matatag na Paaralan,” or “Unity for Strong Schools,” focused on the need to ensure clean, safe, inclusive, and child-friendly learning environments for students and teaching and non-teaching personnel and to strengthen the resiliency of schools and basic education. MedPro International’s team was joined by members of Perpetual Help Placement.

MedPro International provided each school with the following:

  • 46 packs of writing notebooks
  • 47 packs of composition notebooks
  • 16 packs of pad paper for grades 1 − 4
  • 32 packs of pad paper grade 5 − 6
  • 5 reams of long bond paper
  • 5 reams of short paper
  • 20 packs of Kilometrico pens
  • 22 boxes of Mongol pencils
  • 90 boxes of crayons


Republic of the Philippines Department of Migrant Workers

MedPro International works closely with the Republic of the Philippines Department of Migrant Workers to protect the rights and ensure the welfare of Filipino healthcare workers and their families in the U.S. The Philippines has been a highly valued partner in providing quality healthcare staffing to facilities across the U.S., allowing Filipinos to achieve their professional goals while making valuable contributions to their families back home. The United States and the Philippines share a long alliance and mutual dedication to improving both countries’ healthcare systems. Since 1960, over 150,000 Filipino nurses have immigrated to the U.S., and Filipino nurses currently make up approximately 4 to 6 percent of the U.S. nursing workforce.


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