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March Monthlong Observances (and What It Means for You)

March Monthlong Observances (and What It Means for You)

Welcome to March. We are now three months into the new year, and it is time to double down on those health goals, but also in building awareness and helping educate ourselves and others in regarding diseases and conditions which are afflicting many around the globe.

There are quite a few monthlong health-related observances in March, including focuses on bleeding disorders, endometriosis, trisomy, and brain injuries as well. Below are a few we chose to spotlight.

National Nutrition Month

March is a great time to stress the importance of balancing a healthy diet and incorporating an exercise regimen. A great way to promote healthy choices is in transforming your mind, which will then motivate your body to follow. We can accomplish this by meeting with a dietician, who can help us develop a detailed meal plan, which will be based on your goals, considering your lifestyle, and propelling you to a healthier and happier life.

It is essential to find what your inspiration is for wanting to embark on a new nutrition journey. Start in your kitchen and rid yourself of processed foods, sugary drinks and empty calories and carbohydrates. There is a healing power in food, and you will notice the difference in cutting out these harmful foods, which are filled with additives. You have the diet lesson down, but you have to move as well. Exercise is integral to a healthy body, especially our hearts. You can try interval training, spin class, rowing, dancing, and swimming, to start. It all gets the ticker going and, along with a nutritional diet, will help you drop the weight and feel better.

Check out our Top Diet Trends of 2021, as well as Exercise Guidelines for the new year, as suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO), for more information about proper nutrition.

National Kidney Month

Your kidneys are crucial when it comes to filtering out toxins, helping the body remove waste, producing blood cells and regulating your pH levels. These two bean-shaped organs filter roughly a cup of blood each year, creating urine to help the body rid itself of harmful and unwanted debris.

Should your kidneys begin to malfunction, the body begins to build the waste and it weakens the system, causing high blood pressure, nerve damage, increased possibility of diabetes and anemia. Nearly 2-in-10 people, and over 50 million, in America, suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Taking care of our bodies is essential, especially our internal organs. Be grateful for having two kidneys, because we can function with only one, so a reserve is a perk.

For more about CKD, see both the Mayo Clinic and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Since 2000, as executed by then-President Bill Clinton, colorectal cancer is spotlighted for the month. Each year, well over 150,000 new cases of colon-related cancers are reported. The key to helping save lives is in early detection and treatment. Colorectal is among the Top 5 common forms of cancer and, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS), both men and women can develop colon cancer. Colon cancer is quite treatable, but early detection is critical.

It is encouraged to exercise and practice moderation when it comes to certain foods, including steering clear from a diet dependent on red meat, like beef, and processed meats, like lunchmeat. Smoking can also obviously be a factor as well, as with all types of cancers.

Things to consider, a person may indeed have colon cancer yet never show any symptoms. The disease is typically hereditary, which makes regular checkups important. It also serves as the third leading cause of death among young adults, especially millennials.

Click HERE and HERE for more information about colorectal cancer, courtesy of both and the Mayo Clinic, respectively.

Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month

Since 2003, the month of March marks the time to help build awareness for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which roughly 2.5 million people worldwide suffer from. Additionally, an estimated 500,000 people who live in ‘strange’ temperate climate areas, near the equator, who are more prone to develop MS. The observance allows for supporters and sufferers to share experiences and best practices in managing the disease, but also in drawing attention to it.

Symptoms of MS include fatigue, balance issues, weak vision and trouble moving limbs. Though there are numerous treatments and medications available for those who are stricken with MS, there is, unfortunately, no cure. It is still unknown as to what causes people to develop MS.

Visit the National MS Society for more information regarding managing or caring for loved ones.


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