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MedPro International Partners with Swoosh English

MedPro International Partners with Swoosh English

MedPro International, the industry leader in recruiting, training, and staffing foreign-educated healthcare professionals, is teaming up with Swoosh English, a premium online course provider for OET, IELTS, and PTE exam preparation.

“We are thrilled to partner with Swoosh in our continuing effort to provide the best tools and resources for our Explorers to pass their English exams and meet the requirements to achieve their American Dream,” said Patty Jeffrey, Executive Vice President, International Operations.

MedPro International has helped thousands of qualified foreign-educated healthcare professionals achieve a rewarding career in the United States. Now MedPro anticipates even greater success working with Swoosh by expanding MedPro’s English training team and focusing on training their global population of healthcare professionals looking to come to the US.

Swoosh English

Swoosh has successfully passed over 22,000 students utilizing live classes led by native English-speaking instructors. Dedicated to helping Explorers pass their English exams and achieve their dreams, the premium online course provider aims to help Explorers achieve the best results and pass as quickly as possible.

“At Swoosh, we provide students with a comprehensive learning experience for their OET, IELTS, or PTE exams and ensure they have the support they need to pass their exam with confidence and achieve their goals. Our partnership with MedPro means we can help more students settle in the US with the English competence required to effectively communicate in professional settings and feel comfortable in their new life,” said Scott Johnston, Swoosh English managing director.

Swoosh’s courses guide students through the exam preparation journey, including:

  • personalized feedback on writing delivered within 24 hours,
  • interactive live classes where students asked questions directly to teachers,
  • in-depth video courses on reading, writing, listening, and speaking,
  • plus a 24/7 dedicated support team always ready to help.


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