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MedPro International Proudly Denounces Acts of Violence

MedPro International Proudly Denounces Acts of Violence

In the past week, two senseless acts of violence were committed at two Georgia spas and a grocery store in Colorado, which resulted in the unfortunate deaths of a combined 18 people.

The eight people who lost their lives in Atlanta included dedicated mothers and hard-working immigrants. In Boulder, the ten people slain ranged from ages 20-65, including a heroic police officer.

MedPro International stands against all forms of violence. We are an organization built on diversity and welcome all to feel confident in choosing MedPro International to launch their careers in America.

Despite what happened, America remains the ‘Land of Opportunity’ and a country that welcomes diverse cultures. We can learn from this incident and, as a global society, move forward into a more inclusive future, one built on tolerance and acceptance.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with each of the victims and their families.


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