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MedPro International Recruitment Team Returns to the Philippines

MedPro International Recruitment Team Returns to the Philippines

After nearly a three-year hiatus, the MedPro International Recruitment Team traveled to the Philippines to host a series of live recruitment events for nurses and medical technologists.

Anna Carbonell, Jennie Bick, and Arman Barbuco visited five cities from April 23 to May 6 to connect with healthcare professionals looking to launch their careers in the United States.

The team visited Davao, Iloilo, Baguio, Quezon City, and Makati, where they engaged in one-on-one interviews with hundreds of healthcare professionals and explained the benefits of joining MedPro International.

“We were excited to be back in the Philippines. It was a very successful trip,” said Carbonell. “It was a great experience overall, and we were so happy to finally be there.”

Carbonell said the best part about the trip was talking to healthcare professionals face to face. “The interactions generate a different response when they see you in person. It makes it real.”

The team also met some of their old and new hospital partners in the Philippines, allowing them to connect and build on relationships.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, thirteen percent of all foreign-born healthcare workers in the United States come from the Philippines. Filipinos make up four percent of registered nurses, making the Philippines the single largest source of foreign nurses in the United States.

MedPro International is preparing to host additional recruitment trips throughout the world this year. We look forward to sharing that schedule shortly. You don’t have to wait until our next recruitment event to kick-start your American dream. Visit to complete a brief application, and a Recruiter will contact you right away!


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