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MedPro International Spotlight: Arman Barbuco, Team Lead, U.S. Advancement Guide

MedPro International Spotlight: Arman Barbuco, Team Lead, U.S. Advancement Guide

Team Lead, U.S. Advancement Guide Arman Barbuco’s passion for connecting with others and helping them achieve their goals inspired him to join MedPro almost ten years ago. Originally from the Philippines, Arman earned a Bachelor of Technology from the Technological University of the Philippines. He started as a Senior Recruiter at the MedPro International Philippines office in 2014 before transitioning to the Sunrise office. He considers receiving thank you notes and kind words from our Explorers as his most significant professional accomplishment.

An avid traveler, Arman also enjoys cooking and baking. He is known for his cassava cake which is always a big hit at get-togethers. Arman also explores his creative side through photography. He’s won several photography contests, including a second-place prize in the Black and White Spider Awards for amateur photojournalism. “I’m always interested in taking photos of native people, but if I could photograph someone famous, that would be the Pope,” said Arman.

Rapid Fire (Short Answers)

  1. Favorite photography subject? People
  2. If you could be on a reality tv show, which would you choose? MasterChef
  3. Favorite vacation spot? Beach
  4. The number 1 item still on your bucket list? Visit South Korea for cherry blossom season
  5. Dead or alive, who would you like to have dinner with? My Parents


Lightning Round (Pick One)

  1. Mac or PC? PC
  2. Beach house or mountain ski lodge? Beach House
  3. Slim Aarons, Ansel Adams, or Annie Leibovitz? Annie Leibovitz
  4. Pasta, burger, or salad? Pasta
  5. Explore outer space or the bottom of the ocean? Bottom of the ocean
  6. Time machine or magic wand? Magic Wand
  7. Board games or video games? Board Games
  8. Swimming in a pool or swimming in the ocean? Ocean
  9. Banana split, banana pudding, or banana smoothie? Banana Split
  10. Rich and famous or rich and unknown? Rich and unknown


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