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MedPro International Spotlight: Chelsea Harris, MedProU® Clinical Instructor

MedPro International Spotlight: Chelsea Harris, MedProU® Clinical Instructor

Born and raised in Davie, Chelsea comes from a family of medical professionals. Her grandma worked as an emergency room nurse, and her dad and brother are firefighters. Chelsea started as a graduate nurse in the ICU and loved it. She found helping critically ill patients and making a real difference in their lives extremely rewarding. As a MedProU® Clinical Instructor, Chelsea enjoys interacting with MedPro Explorers and helping them acclimate to U.S. life while learning more about their culture. When she’s not working, Chelsea spends time with her husband and their two dogs Rio, a chocolate Labrador and Rory, a Doberman, exercising and going to the beach.

Rapid Fire (Short Answers)

  1. If you could star in a Hulu series, would you pick a rom-com, historical drama, or supernatural thriller? Supernatural thriller
  2. All-time favorite fashion trend? Athleisure wear. I love wearing workout clothes everywhere!
  3. Who’s your role model? My mom!
  4. Favorite karaoke song? You Belong with Me-Taylor Swift (a crowd fave)


Lightning Round (Pick One)

  1. New York penthouse, Malibu beach house, or Jackson Hole cabin? Malibu beach house
  2. Shower or bath? Shower
  3. Green thumb or plant killer? Plant killer (I even kill succulents)
  4. Ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt? Frozen yogurt
  5. Cruise or safari? Safari
  6. Early morning or late night? Early morning
  7. Taylor Swift, Cardi B, or Ariana Grande? Taylor Swift, of course!
  8. Sushi, enchiladas, or burger? Sushi
  9. Crowded party or dinner party? Dinner party
  10. Stephen Hawking, Stephen King, or Stephen Colbert? Stephen Colbert


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