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MedPro International Spotlight: Maria Leon, MedPro International Relocation Guide

MedPro International Spotlight: Maria Leon, MedPro International Relocation Guide

For Maria Leon, no two days are the same. However, a typical day may include ensuring each ‘Explorer’ has his or her transportation arrangements, followed by having their housing options scouted in meeting MedPro International standards and requirements, so they can begin searching for a home.


The Miami, Fla., native moved to Venezuela when she was two years old, but returned to the U.S. when she turned 24, when she received her Bachelor of Science degree, including a focus in sales and marketing, from the University of Phoenix. Prior to arriving at MedPro International, Leon was a teacher for 10 years. As an immigrant, she can speak first-hand as to the dedication required in America.


“I can certainly understand what foreign-educated nurses are feeling and how difficult it can be to start a life in a new country, far away from home,” said Leon. “The best advice I can give them is to be open to new and unique opportunities, learning experiences, and take things one step at a time.”


Leon emphasizes taking advantage of working in the ‘Land of Opportunity’ and never take it for granted. Along with her team members at MedPro International, both stateside and abroad, Leon takes pride in that the respective staffs are there with them, along the entire journey. That is where The MedPro Experience comes in.


“The MedPro Experience, to me, is like entering a new universe of opportunities,” Leon stated. “There are no limits to how much we can learn and grow within this company. The most rewarding aspect of my position is in the honor of witnessing the whole process play out for our ‘Explorers’. From the first time they arrive in the U.S., till they embark on their journeys to their new home, it is all so gratifying.”


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