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MedPro International Team Member Spotlight: Amiah Haywood, Licensure and Credentialing Guide – East Market

MedPro International Team Member Spotlight: Amiah Haywood, Licensure and Credentialing Guide – East Market

Daily tasks for a licensure and credentialing specialist like Amiah Haywood include juggling numerous projects, like gathering components for state board applications, submitting paperwork to nursing boards, obtaining documents, and scheduling exams, all while keeping foreign-educated healthcare professionals comfortable, informed, and prepared to realize their ‘American Dream’.

“It is such a rewarding feeling to communicate with our team in the Philippines, as well as here in the United States, so that we have all the bases covered,” said Haywood. “I have guided healthcare professionals from signing the contract, all the way through helping them pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).”

Haywood goes on to say, “You can achieve anything you put your mind to. The opportunities are endless. In playing a role in the licensure process, I enjoy seeing healthcare professionals move closer to reaching their goals, from signing contracts to seeing them arrive for orientation. It is such a great feeling in knowing you helped someone do something that they have always wanted to do.”

The Fort Lauderdale, Fla., native started her career at MedPro International as an intern, helping with orientation and endorsements, but quickly progressed to a licensure and credentialing professional. Having also climbed her way up the chain, her advice for internationals seeking to work and live in the U.S. is simple, stick with it!

“Follow the guidelines given by our team members and take notes! That is how you will help us stay updated on your progress, as well as help us move you along in the process efficiently,” Haywood said. “There may be bumps in the road, but do not get discouraged and give up. Use it all as fuel to make your dreams come true. Know that, when you join MedPro International, we will help guide and support your journey the whole way. We all have the same goal and want you to succeed.”


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