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MedPro International Team Member Spotlight: Arman Barbuco, MedPro International U.S. Advancement Guide – West Market

MedPro International Team Member Spotlight: Arman Barbuco, MedPro International U.S. Advancement Guide – West Market

Born-and-raised in the Philippines, Arman Barbuco knows, first-hand, what it takes to immigrate to the United States and find success. He is a proud Technological University of the Philippines at Cavite alumnus with a Bachelor of Technology and a focus on computer science.

Barbuco knows that it requires both patience and persistence to realize your goals. Future foreign-educated healthcare professionals seeking to enter the country must satisfy all requirements without delay, submit all necessary paperwork and show the willingness to go ‘all-in’ to successfully bring to life one’s ‘American Dream’. Afterall, this isn’t only a job, but an adventure of a lifetime as well.

“I always share my experience with those desiring to immigrate to the United States,” Barbuco said. “As an immigrant, myself, I know that this process begins with a dream-seed and I understand the longing to live and work in this land of opportunity. I see the same aspiration and similar dreams in each Explorer I interact with. Playing a role in their journey to actualize their dreams brings me so much joy.”

No two days are the same for Barbuco, who arrives at the office ready to engage and communicate with Explorers. His day-in, day-out duties include juggling travel arrangements and accommodations for nurses to take the NCLEX or IELTS, preparing them for clinical evaluations, locking in job interview coaching sessions and appraising those in getting applications in on time. He also finds it important to help them invest some earnings, like in a 401K, which is a new concept to some. One of his biggest responsibilities, however, is preaching the many different cultures and experiences they will encounter.

“Every time a new MedPro International Explorer arrives, I share in their joy and excitement for this new adventure, because it revives my feelings I once had in touching U.S. soil for the first time,” Barbuco proclaimed. “I try to emphasize the creation of personal experience and how it is influenced by our cultures. The U.S. is a kaleidoscope of colors, cultures and people. We assist them and help guide them throughout their journey, especially in adjusting via acculturation and orientation programs.”

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