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MedPro International Team Member Spotlight: Priya Jacques Louis, MedPro International Relocation Manager

MedPro International Team Member Spotlight: Priya Jacques Louis, MedPro International Relocation Manager

When it is time for foreign-educated healthcare professionals to come to the United States, Priya Jacques Louis has their backs in booking travel accommodations. When new MedPro International ‘Explorers’ enter the country, she provides them with a comfortable place to stay while they enter orientation at MedProU® and ensures the flights and hotel stays are all taken care of when relocating to their new assignments as well.

“As a MedPro International employee, the most-rewarding experience, for me, is in making a difference in a healthcare professional’s life,” said Louis. “As an immigrant, myself, I know how hard it is to arrive in a new country. The ability to utilize my experiences to help guide and support our internationals throughout their new ‘American Dream’ journeys brings me great joy!”

Born and raised in Guyana, a neighboring country of Venezuela, in the North Atlantic coast in South America, Louis also went to college there, majoring in accounting, and is also certified in computer programming. She moved to the U.S. in 1992.

Louis advises all MedPro International ‘Explorers’, to embrace change as they embark on their American adventure and seize the opportunities presented to them. She goes on to emphasize the importance of never forgetting where they come from and applying their experiences to life and work in America.

“There are a lot of details that go into coming to the U.S., so I advise all ‘Explorers’ to educate themselves on the process and ask questions if they do not understand something,” Louis stated. “We will do our best to provide an answer to all questions and are always here to support them throughout this whirlwind of an experience.


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