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MedPro International Team Member Spotlight: Sooaa Son, MedPro International Immigration Manager

MedPro International Team Member Spotlight: Sooaa Son, MedPro International Immigration Manager

The most-rewarding aspect for Sooaa Son in serving foreign-educated healthcare professionals for MedPro International is playing a role in helping alleviate the healthcare crisis in the nation, especially for a compassionate and hard-working company which values all of its employees.

Son is well-traveled. She was born in Germany and grew up in New York, where she fell in love with Espresso, before making her way to Seattle, a city known for its coffee! While there, she worked for the Seattle Justice Institute and represented internationals having to go through immigration removal hearings. She also worked with Morrie Berez on the Hyundai/KIA EB-5 project, which was an immigrant investor visa initiative and valuable tool in forming new businesses to help with economic recovery. Family life finds Son raising three children. She is also a competitive Settlers of Catan player, a tabletop game which finds players competing to establish settlements on the shore of Catan. She also writes her own music in her free time with aspirations of being the next Lin Manuel Miranda.

Now, as the immigration manager at MedPro International, she serves an important role in helping guide future MedPro International ‘Explorers’ to the United States. She coordinates and oversees communication between the organization and healthcare professionals, while offering troubleshooting solutions.

“Most ‘Explorers’ do not realize that one of the most-important things you can do when you arrive in the U.S. for your first assignment is pay attention to each and every piece of orientation,” said Son. “You will learn valuable nuggets in navigating within a new culture and receive critical information to help you both find success and guide you through possible roadblocks as well.”

She always remains engaged in the professional and personal lives of MedPro International ‘Explorers’ however, seeing to potential VISA issues and making sure your journey is both positive and successful.

“We understand the VISA and immigration processes can be challenging,” Son said. “MedPro International offers you access to numerous resources, experiences and networks, as well as seasoned journey guides, who are all here to help you through the process. Once you begin your ‘MedPro Experience’, you will understand that this is such a unique and special organization.”

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