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MedPro Leaders Prepare for Annual SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit

MedPro Leaders Prepare for Annual SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit

The 18th annual Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) Healthcare Staffing Summit is vastly approaching. This year’s theme is appropriately titled, ‘Rising to the Challenges of 2020’.

This year’s event is considered crucial under the current circumstances, comprised of global uncertainties as well as the ongoing health crisis of COVID-19, and will be held in a virtual format, both ground-breaking and highly-interactive, while diving deep into what’s instore for the staffing sectors.

The summit will welcome prominent healthcare staffing leaders from across the country, all of whom will offer various updates, insights and best practices. The event will include expert speakers, thought-provoking leadership forums, networking, roundtable discussions and interactive session panels.

Attending this year’s conference, on behalf of MedPro Healthcare Staffing and MedPro International, are CEO Liz Tonkin, CFO Frank Forbes, CIO Fred Jeffrey, Rosemarie Aznavorian (VP of Client Services and CCO), Patty Jeffrey (VP of International Operations), James Ireland (VP of Domestic Staffing) and Stacey Edwards, Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy.

The opening keynote will be delivered by SIA President Barry Asin, along with Tony Gregoire, the SIA Custom Research Director, who will both speak to The Outlook for Healthcare Staffing, providing an update on the industry, trends during the pandemic and where the industry is heading.

“We are looking forward to connecting the industry at this critical time and to bringing us all together to engage and share perspectives, insights and ideas on the unprecedented challenges of 2020, and the road ahead,” said Asin. “We are incredibly excited and proud to welcome our speakers, sponsors and healthcare staffing executives to this year’s conference for a premier lineup of keynote presentations, SIA’s latest research, cutting-edge insights, live analysis, expert-led panel discussions and more, in a state-of-the-art virtual conference setting. If you’ve attended the Healthcare Staffing Summit in the past, you will want to be sure to join us for this important and pivotal year; if you have not attended previously, now is your chance to join other leaders and executives as the industry faces the enormity of the current health crisis and sets a course for 2021 and beyond.”

As the long-running Coronavirus pandemic continues to shake the country, impacting lives, but further proving the demand for frontline essential workers, like travel nurses and allied professionals. While the industry continues to combat the virus, the need for supplying healthcare professionals is certainly on the rise. At MedPro, we can help clients meet their short-term or long-term staffing needs and provide an overall workforce solution through our MedPro Custom Solutions, MSP.

Find the complete SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit press release, HERE.

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