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MedProU®: Preparing for Life, Work and Finding Success in the United States

MedProU®: Preparing for Life, Work and Finding Success in the United States

It is no secret that MedPro International has successfully placed more foreign-educated healthcare professionals into the United States healthcare system than any other company in the industry.

MedPro International features three registered nurses on its leadership team in CEO Liz Tonkin, Patty Jeffrey, Vice President of International Operations and, Vice President of Client Services and CCO, Rosemarie Aznavorian. Understanding what it takes to thrive as a registered nurse or medical technologist in this country starts at the top for this company.

When you commit to MedPro International, you are enrolled into MedProU®, which is MedPro International’s proprietary education program for foreign-educated healthcare professionals.

MedProU®’s dedicated team of educators prepare MedPro ‘Explorers’ for success via English exams, clinical training, NCLEX and ASCPi preparation, as well as U.S. assimilation training as well.

Your time with MedProU® will culminate with U.S. orientation at our corporate office in Sunrise, Fla. During orientation, you will learn about U.S. culture, maintaining your finances and budgeting, practical life skills, selecting housing, and negotiating leases and other helpful tips necessary to find success when you arrive in your new city.

At MedPro International, we recognize the stress the pandemic has caused for healthcare professionals. In conjunction with MedProU®, we offer our rewards program, The MedPro Experience®, which is intended to honor our valued frontline heroes, via personalized gifts of recognition, like work anniversaries, birthdays, and career milestones.

This will be an important year for healthcare and the U.S. is actively seeking registered nurses and medical technologists now, more than ever! The VISA Bulletin continues to remain current to both the rest of the world (ROW) and Philippines, with no anticipation of retrogression in the foreseeable future. We encourage all who are seeking to realize their ‘American Dream’ to apply.

Start your U.S. healthcare journey today! Visit: APPLY ONLINE or call: +1 (800) 866-8108.


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