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Celebrating Our Employees for National Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Our Employees for National Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year, from September 15 – October 15, the United States observes the historical and cultural contributions from Spain, Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean, as part of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The observation, itself, launched in 1968 as a weeklong event, which was introduced by Lyndon Johnson. It was later expanded to 30 days, in 1988, by Ronald Reagan.

The observance’s first day is significant, as it marks the anniversary of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hondurus and Nicaragua. Mexico celebrates its independence on September 16, while Chile holds its celebration on September 18. The month-long festivities also includes the Día de la Raza, which falls on October 12.

At both MedPro and MedPro International, we have an extensive multicultural staff, including many with Hispanic backgrounds. In celebrating our employees and honoring their culture, we wanted to spotlight some of our staff as to just how important National Hispanic Heritage Month truly is:

“I feel that the most meaningful part of my culture is the diversity. I come from two completely different backgrounds, being Cuban and Venezuelan. Even though I have not been to either of the countries, the feeling of the connection with the food, music and people, helps me see the best in diversity and see things in a different perspective.” – Cindy Fernandez, Senior Placement Guide for Allied Recruitment.

“My culture is very celebratory and inclusive. It is in our roots to sing, dance and laugh at the simple things in life. Preserving the memory of the past and educating future generations is important. The values and traditions of our heritage can instill ethics, manners and good qualities in the generations to come.” – Brenda Betancourt, Senior Manager for Allied Recruitment.

“The most-meaningful aspect of my culture, that I’m most grateful for, is my family. Hispanic families tend to go over-the-top when it comes to gathering and parties. Growing up, there was no accomplishment that was too small. It made me feel special, loved and a part of something so much bigger than just my immediate family. The jokes, food, stories and culture that is passed down from generation-to-generation is priceless.” – Justin Rodriguez, Graphic Designer.

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