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Companies That Help You Find ‘APPiness’ in a New City (Part 3)

Companies That Help You Find ‘APPiness’ in a New City (Part 3)

Welcome to our third and final installment in finding ‘APPiness’ in your new city series. You know, one of the most-exciting perks to being a MedPro Explorer, especially for foreign-educated nurses, is in heading to new destinations in America. Upon arrival, however, it can be a little overwhelming. We’re here to help. Whether you’re a registered nurse, medical technologist or therapist looking for friendly get-togethers, socially-distanced events, coupons or just need some help organizing daily routines, the below five applications can absolutely serve you well in your new city and in other parts of the country too.

  1. Patook

The Patook app is unique in that it is meant to strictly serve as a friend-making platform as flirting is not allowed. Similar to some of the above listed apps, it allows users to build a network of nearby people who share your interests. The app has the look and feel of a social network, with the option to scroll and swipe, matchmake and build group gatherings as well. The goal is in eliminating the awkward dating scene for people who just want to meet others they have things in common with.

  1. Streaks

Streaks is a to-do list app which helps the user develop good habits, but also in successfully completing everyday tasks too. The user lists his or her set of up to 12 daily tasks, like walking the dog, eating healthy or completing an assignment, among many others, and praises the user in keeping the streak going. This app also works in conjunction with iOS Health app too, so it will track your fitness motivations as well. It is currently available in over 20-different languages.

  1. PartyWith

If you want to go out, but don’t feel like being the decider for something to do, let PartyWith help. The app essentially hand-picks experiences, in conjunction with locals, to make for the best nightlife scenarios, but also offers social-distance alternatives because of COVID-19 as well. You can also use the app in most countries around the world and share your experiences with a global network.

  1. Todoist

The Todoist application allows the user to free up mental space and regain a sound state-of-mind in organizing a to-do list in a convenient list, regardless of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly formats and (hopeful) completion dates. The app has numerous ways to filter the way you organize your tasks, including color-coordinating sections and subsections, all based on prioritization and importance. You can even delegate tasks to colleagues and friends, if needed. Ultimately, the user begins each day feeling calm and collected in approaching the day, while you can map your progress via Karma.

  1. Groupon

Groupon serves as a coupon offering on everything from daily goods to experiences and even trips! Users can filter through numerous categories and find deals, sometimes as high as 85% off retail price. This app has a deal for everything, from oil changes, tech deals, restaurant coupons, spa treatments, hotel stays and even all-inclusive trips.


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