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The Benefits of Becoming a Foreign Educated Medical Technologist

The Benefits of Becoming a Foreign Educated Medical Technologist

Why you Should Consider a Career in the U.S. as a Medical Technologist

The U.S. population is aging. By 2030, all baby boomers will be older than age 65. This means one in every five United States resident will be at retirement age. This also means an exponential rise in the need for medical tests. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment of medical laboratory technologists and technicians is projected to grow at least 13 percent by 2026, faster than average for all occupations. According the Bureau, as of 2018, the national median annual wage for medical technologists was $52,330. $14K higher than the national average of all U.S. occupations.

At MedPro International, we believe every foreign-educated healthcare professional should have the opportunity to live their American Dream. Specifically for foreign-educated medical technologists, our expert team will take care of all aspects of immigration, licensing, credentialing, testing, training, and even education to ensure your successful journey to the U.S. Once you arrive in the U.S., you can trust that your Personal Journey Guide and the rest of your team will be here to support you every step of the way!

“Over the past two years, working with MedPro has truly been an amazing experience,” said Mario, Medical Technologist and MedPro Participant. “It is still fresh in my head how it all started, from a simple email inquiry and up to the day I finally arrived in Florida for the employee orientation, the MedPro team has always been responsive to my needs and concerns throughout the whole process. They have an invaluable resource in providing teaching, training, and support to its explorers.”

History of Medical Technology

Medical technology is a science dating back as far as 1250 with the creation of the magnifying glass for scientific purposes. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin invented the flexible catheter, made of hinged metal segments, for his brother John, who suffered from bladder stones. In 1895, a German physicist named Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discovered the X-ray, an invention so remarkable that many did not believe the first reports of its use. The New York Times referred to it mockingly as Dr. Rontgen’s “alleged discovery of how to photograph the invisible.” Fast forward to 1992 when Dr. Leroy Hood patented his invention of the automated DNA sequencing technique and to 2003 with the completion of the Human Genome Project. This is a field where ground-breaking and often lifesaving discoveries are made every day and we invite you to be a part of it!

Rewarding Experience

In 2010, U.S News and World Report listed clinical lab technicians (medical technologists) as one the 50 best career opportunities, referring to them as “the unsung heroes of the health care industry.” As a medical technologist in the United States, you have the opportunity to provide vital information that doctors and researchers need to make a diagnosis, cure a disease, or even save a life. An increase in the aging population is expected to lead to a greater need to diagnose medical conditions, such as cancer or type 2 diabetes, through laboratory procedures. Prenatal testing for various types of genetic conditions also is increasingly common. This allows you to be on the front lines of saving lives. If you are looking for a career in health care, where your work can have a major effect on diagnosis and prevention of major medical problems, medical technology is your calling.


One major benefit of being a medical technologist in the U.S. is the variety of positions available. You can choose to work in a hospital environment, small lab, large lab, private company, and more! Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, clinical chemistry (analyzing chemical and hormonal parts of bodily fluids), microbiology (investigating bacteria), molecular biology, immunology, cytotechnology (detecting diseases at the cellular level), etc. Regardless of your area of focus prior to enter the U.S., MedPro can help guide your journey from start to finish!

Advancement Opportunities

MedPro International will not only set you up to be a successful foreign-educated medical technologist, we will provide you with the tools and support for career advancement. Medical technologists can move into a supervisory position, become a chief medical technologist, laboratory manager, and even a laboratory director. In addition, once you have been trained, you may have the opportunity to train lab technicians, assistants and other lab employees.

Here at MedPro International, we have a program specifically for foreign-educated medical technologists known as Zenith. This innovative and highly specialized program offers superb opportunities in both hospital settings and some largest clinical laboratory diagnostic companies in the world.

Requirements for the Zenith medical technology program are:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited medical technology program that includes a one-year internship
  • ASCPi certification preferred but not required
  • A minimum of two years of current work experience as a generalist
  • Must hold a current medical technology license from country of residence
  • Must meet all U.S Homeland Security Visa requirements: MedPro proudly offers both H-1B and green card visa options

MedPro University

Our proprietary education program, MedProU®, prepares you for life and work in the U.S. through our comprehensive clinical, test preparation and U.S. assimilation training courses. MedProU® offers training specific to your profession that is provided in a variety of different ways including live courses from our team of educators as well as alternate options including web-assisted and home-based learning.

As a foreign-educated medical technologist, we will provide you the training you need for your IELTS and the resources you need for your ASCPi exam. MedProU® graduated have some of the highest pass rates in the industry. The clinical training you receive at MedProU® will prepare you for a rewarding career in the U.S. The educators in our Sunrise, Florida office will lead courses and certify you in BLS, as well as other certifications necessary to succeed in medical technology in the U.S. In addition, you will receive comprehensive U.S. assimilation training that will focus on providing you the life skills needed for you to acclimate successfully to the U.S.

Click here to learn more about MedProU® or to apply.


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