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The Benefits of Using a Staffing Company

The Benefits of Using a Staffing Company

Foreign-educated healthcare professionals are in high demand. For almost 20 years, MedPro International has prepared and deployed thousands of qualified foreign-educated registered nurses and medical technologists in U.S. acute care and laboratory facilities, more than any other staffing company in the United States. 

Still, MedPro International does more than match qualified healthcare professionals with jobs. MedPro utilizes innovative and supportive programs to guide our registered nurses and medical technologists through the entire employment process and ensure their ongoing success. Unlike a direct-hire position, MedPro provides resources, education, and experience to secure each healthcare professional a great position, top salary and benefits, and enhanced quality of life. With MedPro International’s expertise, thousands of foreign-educated healthcare professionals are living their American Dream. 


The MedPro Difference  

Pursuing a career in a foreign country on your own can be a daunting task. As a member of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR), MedPro International subscribes to the AAIHR code of ethics, which ensures the ethical treatment of foreign-educated healthcare professionals. Patty Jeffrey, Executive Vice President International Operations for MedPro International, is also President of AAIHR. A licensed RN, Jeffrey has more than 30 years of healthcare experience and regularly meets with regulatory and compliance agencies in Washington D.C. to protect and advance the international recruitment industry. Jeffrey was recently interviewed for an NBC News report on the U.S. nursing shortage and how she is working with the legislators in D.C. to bring foreign-educated healthcare professionals to the U.S. during a critical time of need.  


Home-Based Preparation and Learning 

By using a staffing company like MedPro International, foreign-educated healthcare professionals will never be on their own. Upon acceptance, MedPro will help obtain, manage, and validate all documents needed to work in the U.S., including immigration, licensing, and credentialing. Foreign-educated healthcare professionals are enrolled in MedPro’s proprietary education program, MedProU®, for test preparation and clinical and U.S. assimilation training to prepare for life and work in the United States. Foreign-educated healthcare professionals will have access to live instruction, web-assisted training, and home-based learning. Plus, MedPro covers all costs to prepare and match foreign-educated healthcare workers with an assignment. 

MedPro International Provides:  

  • Green Card sponsorship (for family members also) 
  • Education and training 
  • Licensing 
  • Credentialing 
  • Highest pass rates in the industry for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam 
  • Composes a plan to understand recruits’ overall goals for an optimal assignment 


U.S. Arrival 

Once a foreign-educated healthcare professional arrives in the United States, they will continue their MedProU® education in South Florida and receive additional training and support only available through a staffing company like MedPro. Foreign-educated healthcare professionals will attend comprehensive, in-person clinical training at Florida Atlantic University. They will also continue their U.S. assimilation training to understand U.S. cultural differences, create a financial budget, obtain a driver’s license, and other practical life skills to successfully transition into U.S. work and life.  

A clinical nurse liaison will help each foreign-educated healthcare professional prepare for an interview using preparation sessions and mock interviews so they can confidently apply for a job opening.  

MedPro International Provides: 

  • An extensive, growing network of clients across the U.S. to match a foreign-educated healthcare professional’s skill set, desired opportunities and location, and personal goals 
  • Employer vetting 
  • Top salary rates across the industry with incremental pay raises 
  • Immediate signing bonus of up to $7 thousand  
  • The same great benefits for foreign-educated healthcare professionals as MedPro staff, plus roundtrip airfare to their home country at the halfway point of their agreement  
  • Career growth 
  • The MedPro Experience®, an engagement program to celebrate, reward, and connect with foreign-educated healthcare professionals 


Ongoing Support 

MedPro International’s support doesn’t end once a foreign-educated healthcare professional is matched with an assignment. Each healthcare professional is provided an Employee Relations Manager (ERM) and given their ERM’s cell number for 24-7 access to answer questions and provide any needed assistance. Only a staffing agency like MedPro delivers this level of comprehensive support.  MedPro has thousands of job opportunities to match foreign-educated healthcare professionals with the best assignment for their qualifications and preferences. Still, when needed, MedPro can provide alternative assignments which aren’t available with a direct hire. 

Foreign-educated healthcare professionals are in high demand. Work opportunities in the United States are plentiful, but starting a career and new life in another country is a complex process. MedPro International’s vast expertise, support, resources, and access to a large pool of assignments at acute care and laboratory facilities in the United States will provide foreign-educated healthcare professionals the best opportunity to turn their American Dream into a reality.  


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