Introducing Elevate’s tDPT Program

Elevate, our highly-specialized program for therapists offers many exciting and rewarding opportunities for physical therapists looking to work and live in the U.S. MedPro International offers scholarships to participate in a transitional DPT (tDPT) program through our partnership at an accredited University so you can secure a career as a physical therapist in the U.S. Recent graduates are welcome to apply!

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Our unique program welcomes physical therapists from the Philippines who meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy from an accredited program
  • Graduated within the last three years
  • A current physical therapy license from your country of residence
  • Must meet all U.S. Homeland Security Visa requirements

As part of the Elevate tDPT Program, you will work with a team of experts to guide you through coursework necessary for credentialing.

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MedPro has successfully prepared and deployed to the U.S. more healthcare professionals than any other staffing company.

rise Sign-On Bonus

Sign up with MedPro International and earn a sign-on bonus of up to $10,000!

To be eligible for this bonus, you must be a physical therapist who has passed the NPTE, holds a valid FCCPT Type I Certificate and a current PT license from your country of residence and must meet the U.S. Homeland Security Visa requirements. Speak to a Recruiter today to find out how much you are eligible for!

Learn with MedPro University

Our proprietary education system, MedProU®, prepares you for life and work in the U.S. through our comprehensive clinical, U.S. assimilation, and exam preparation training courses.

Prior to enrollment in the tDPT program, our instructors at MedProU® will provide guidance and training to prepare you for TOEFL, your NPTE, and coursework necessary for credentialing. In addition, you will receive comprehensive U.S. assimilation training that will focus on providing you the life skills needed for you to acclimate successfully to the U.S.

Clinical Training

U.S. Assimilation
& Orientation

Training & Preparation


Discover The MedPro Experience®

The MedPro Experience® is our unique personalized employee engagement program dedicated to making your life in the U.S. enjoyable and fulfilling.

The program consists of several integrated components that provide memorable and rewarding experiences as part of your new life in the U.S. We want you to feel like a part of our team and enjoy a sense of pride when working with MedPro International. The MedPro Experience® Team provides ongoing customer service training to our corporate staff to ensure you’re treated with the highest levels of care throughout your MedPro journey. In addition, The MedPro Experience® Team will routinely survey your satisfaction so that we are always apprised of your level of comfort with us. The MedPro Experience® will celebrate your achievements and milestones through unique gifts and personalized experiences.

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Do you know a physical therapist living outside of the U.S. looking to fulfill their American Dream?

If so, refer them to MedPro International and earn up to $2,500 with our Elevate Referral Program. Whether you’ve worked for MedPro, are a current MedPro employee, or are simply a MedPro supporter, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. Start referring today and begin earning!

What are you waiting for? Apply today

MedPro has successfully prepared and deployed to the U.S. more healthcare professionals than any other staffing company.