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The Top 10 Things to Do in Missouri

The Top 10 Things to Do in Missouri

You currently are destined for Missouri, a state which has over 7,300 documented caves and beautiful mountainous chains. This makes for great news for all of you novice photographers and avid outdoors enthusiasts! The Ozark Mountains and surrounding terrain are even highlighted in the Netflix Original Series, Ozark, starring and directed by Jason Bateman.

The name of the state is derived from the local Native American tribe which means, ‘Town of the Large Canoes’. The state relies heavily on its service industry sector. Both manufacturing and agriculture are two of the more significant industries in the state. It is a leading producer in the transportation and food and beverage industries as well. In fact, the state’s mines produce nearly 90% of all non-recycled lead. Tourism runs rampant as it plays host to thousands of visitors each year with music festivals, museums-a-plenty and thousands of caves, mountains and lakes to explore.

All that said, we have you covered with things to do and see there. Refer to the below Top 10 list:

  1. Fantastic Caverns

This exploration wonder, found in the heart of the Ozarks, is the only cave in America which allows for a complete ride-through tour. It was first discovered by John Knox in 1862. However, it was five years later that the 12 women of the Springfield Women’s Athletic Club explored the entire structure. Each of their names are all etched into the wall as well. In fact, Fantastic is one of more than thousands of documented caves in Missouri, which is why it is also often referred to as ‘The Cave State’. Tours run from 8am – 7pm. Call (417) 833-2010.

  1. Branson Scenic Railway

This historic railroad system makes its way from Branson, Mo., along the Ozark Mountains and over 40 miles of beautiful scenic terrain. The vintage passenger car guides you through numerous tunnels and trestles, along various wilderness areas of panoramic wilderness. Passengers can even tour all the cars of the train, which has been refurbished, to experience over 50 years of history. Call the depot for tickets: 1 (800) 2-TRAIN-2 [800-287-2462].

  1. The Titanic Museum

This museum was established in 2006. The ship mirrors that of the tragic experience of the maiden voyage of the Titanic, recreating it based on reports from survivors. Though smaller in size than the actual vessel, guests can garner looks at authentic artifacts and personal belongings retrieved from the ship, as well as various news articles from the time period. Attendees can also get a feel for what the water temperature was like as the ship was sinking, via a 28-degree Fahrenheit iceberg, thus bringing the exhibit to life.

  1. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

This national park and memorial is in the heart of downtown St. Louis and a stone’s throw away from the Mississippi River. Patrons will find the park to serve as a meeting point for the city’s history, The Gateway Arch, old courthouse, Lewis and Clark Journey of Discovery and stories of westward expansion, as well as numerous museums and other sights to see. In fact, The Gateway Arch also doubles up as a ride-of-sorts. It has a four-minute tram that takes gazers to the top, where you can peer through 16 windows to overlook the city.

  1. The Innsbrook Resort

Innsbrook is a beautiful sprawling vacation community, spanning over 7,500 acres and located roughly 40 minutes outside of St. Louis. The property includes an 18-hole golf course, plenty of outdoor activities, including over 100 lakes for kayaking and paddleboarding and nature trails. Staying here makes for a great escape from the hustle and loud noises of the big city.

  1. George Washington Carver National Monument

This 210-acre monument park is dedicated to George Washington Carver, an American agricultural scientist and inventor, who is widely credited with developing hundreds of products using peanuts, as well as sweet potatoes and soybeans. This is actually the first national monument raised in dedication to an African-American and non-president. Services include guided tours, which navigate guests along trails, rivers, prairie tallgrass and even offers a look at the Carver House and a pre-Civil War cemetery.

  1. Kansas City Zoo

The zoo can be found in the state’s capitol and features numerous different species, across 202-total acres of wildlife exhibits. Its mission is to help preserve these animals and instilling the importance of preserving them. Some of the species included are tigers, polar bears, elephants, lions, penguins, gorillas and much more! Guests can also catch many performances as well, like a bird show, Wings of Wonder, and Sea Lion Splash. There are also plenty of rides and attractions for the kids as well.

  1. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Baseball is widely popular in the United States and is commonly referred to as, ‘America’s Pastime’. The Negro Leagues museum was founded in 1990 and is dedicated to the history, profound impact and social advancement of African-American ballplayers. The museum features memorabilia, artifacts and multimedia and engaging exhibits as well.

  1. Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Budweiser has 12 flagship breweries located all over the country, but luckily for you, this one is located in Soulard, a neighboring town of St. Louis. It was founded in 1852. You can navigate the brewery and catch a glimpse as to the beer-making process, partake in a tasting and hang out on the pavilion with other beer enthusiasts. Book a tour HERE.

  1. Missouri Botanical Garden

Founded by Henry Shaw, a philanthropist, this 79-acre horticultural wonder offers something for all to see. The property has numerous garden displays like, an Ottoman, English Woodland, a Chinese, Japanese and Victorian, among others. There also boasts a conservatory, The Climatron, which houses a miniature rain forest. The ‘Shaw’s Garden’ also offers seasonal flower shows, as well as music and cultural festivals.

For even more to see while you’re in ‘The Show-Me State’, check out All Places in Missouri, courtesy of Atlas Obscura, 12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Missouri, via Planetware, and Trip Advisor’s comprehensive activities list of Things to Do in Missouri.

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