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Wearing a Mask Even After a COVID-19 Vaccination is Encouraged by CDC

Wearing a Mask Even After a COVID-19 Vaccination is Encouraged by CDC

It is not new information that our masks, whether fashionable, are not only protecting us but others as well. That said, there is still some confusion as to whether a vaccine is a cure-all solution to losing masks entirely. Spoiler: It is not, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In fact, many health experts are suggesting double masking too. So, the moral of the story, continue to wear your masks until it is safe to lose them!

Two-for-Two: COVID-19 Vaccination and Masks Q&A

  1. Do I have to wear a mask post-vaccination? Yep! This one is a no-brainer. In the interim, the vaccination is still not being widely distributed as people are essentially in line to get one. Chances are, you are still long down the laundry list of recipients. Additionally, people are going to have different immune responses to the vaccines, while some will have only had their initial rounds of vaccines and still due for the second. Just trust the mask is doing what it needs to.
  2. If I have been fully vaccinated, can I still spread the virus? This has not been scientifically proven yet, but the short answer is, maybe, so treat it as if the answer is yes. The reason is that the vaccines are currently protecting recipients from COVID-19 symptoms, but not necessarily in stopping the virus entirely or just halting the spread of it as well. After obtaining shots, it could very well still be possible to carry it as asymptomatic and continue to spread it.

Ultimately, as a nation, we need to continue to wear masks, wash our hands regularly and get vaccinated when it is our turn. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we have to work together.

Top 3: The Expert-Approved Best Cloth Face Masks

  1. Graf Lantz – Zenbu: This mask, in conjunction with its separately sold filter, has adjustable ear loops. Testing found users preferred this mask because of its superior breathability, filtration, and comfort for your ears. It currently retails at $22.
  2. Kitsbow Face Mask: This $25 reusable mask features an elastic headband and comes equipped with an associated air filter too. Testers found it to include optimal filtration, but to maximize protection, a solid design is your best shot.
  3. Proper Cloth – The Everyday Mask: Retailing for $25, this mask has been hailed as light and roomy. Plus, it is machine-washable and fits a particle filter too! It comes with a headband and adjustable ear loops as well, which makes it good to fit most heads.

For the rest of the extensive list of expert-approved masks, including N95s, click HERE.

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