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‘Vaccines Bring Us Closer’ in 2021 to Close Out World Immunization Week

‘Vaccines Bring Us Closer’ in 2021 to Close Out World Immunization Week

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to make its presence known, but as World Immunization Week comes to a close today, an almost 250 million people have received at least one vaccination dose in the United States, while the rest of the world has gotten a combined 1.09 billion doses, good for 14 doses-per-100 people.

The goal of the COVID-19 vaccines is a means of returning to normalcy, reconnecting with each other, and protecting our family, friends, and communities. The sooner we all become vaccinated, the sooner we can begin getting back to our regular routines.

That said, vaccine hesitation is understandable, but ultimately, getting vaccinated is necessary. This year’s theme, ‘Vaccines Brings Us Closer’, is a means to unify people, organizations, and businesses to rally around getting vaccinated with a brighter future in sight.

Facts Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations

  1. Getting vaccinated leads to our return to doing what we love, quicker. Decades of research and advances in vaccination science has better prepared us to tackle viruses in the present and even possible ones in the future.
  2. Getting vaccinated allows for the world to thrive in a global community free from suffering from a vaccine-preventable disease. Over the past 100 years, vaccines have led to erasing smallpox, bring us to the brink of ending polio and soon, the elimination of COVID-19.
  3. Getting vaccinated equals a healthy, stable and prosperous planet, because vaccines are our best weapons to improve overall wellbeing and health.

We are almost there! Be sure to continue to wear masks in preventing the spread of the virus as well.

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