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Ways to Promote a Good Night’s Sleep in Observance of World Sleep Day

Ways to Promote a Good Night’s Sleep in Observance of World Sleep Day

The third week in March is reserved, annually, for raising awareness for sleep deprivation, but March 19, itself, marks World Sleep Day, which further emphasizes the importance in getting and maintaining regular sleep for optimal health.

The annual event, which was first recognized in 2008, is meant to serve as a call to action in promoting the importance of sleep and raising awareness in regard to medicine and education of sleep.

Top Apps Designed to Help You Sleep Better (and Keep You Asleep)

Headspace: This app serves primarily as a meditation platform but can also double-up as a sleep assistant. What sets it apart from the others is its Sleepcasts, which are basically adult bedtime stories, which span over 40+ minutes until you are asleep. If you commit to its $95/year program then you also open the door to a lot more content, including over 50 meditation courses for things like managing stress, helping you sleep and winding down after a busy day.

Calm: This app is also primarily a meditation platform but also includes bedtime stories, but for both adults and children. Calm has a few sections which are offered for free, but like Headspace, committing to the yearly fee, which is $20 less, will unlock a plethora of content via a library of meditation, sleep, stress management and even exclusive music only offered on its platform.

Slumber: This platform gives users a bevy of content and sounds which are tailored to help you fall asleep and sleep better. It also offers content for meditation and includes a handful of bedtime stories as well. You can access other sleep-inducing stories and meditation episodes if you commit to its $40/year premium program.

Noisli: This is the cheapest app in the bunch and includes a number of many different sounds, like thunderstorms, wind blowing, ocean waves and a busy street. You can also build a custom soundtrack of sounds to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, in conjunction with a sleep timer, so you don’t burnout your device too. It only requires a $2 commitment, but if you use the website, it’s free!

Pzizz: This time-setting platform offers a few free features, but to get the most out of it, you will need to pay $60/year. With this app, you can set timers that include dreamscape-themed sounds of a combination of sound effects and music. You can also set an alarm with this app as well, which will awake you utilizing more soothing sounds versus a loud clanking sound.

Food Combinations Which Can Help You Fall Asleep (and Keep You Asleep)

Bananas (with peanut butter): The combination is rich in magnesium and can also halt blood sugar spikes while you sleep.

Warm Milk (with turmeric): This duo is not only calming to the stomach, but offers anti-inflammatory benefits and, of course, can help you fall asleep too.

Cherry Juice (with a handful of walnuts): This pair makes for a melatonin-jammed snack and promotes healthy sleep. The two have also been linked to altering effects of insomnia as well.

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