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Conservation and Action are Key When Observing World Water Day

Conservation and Action are Key When Observing World Water Day

March 22 is dedicated, annually, as World Water Day, but the clean water situation around the globe is certainly troubling. In what is, without a doubt, our most important resource in maintaining life, water should not be taken for granted, considering there is a staggering number of people around the globe who do not have access to water from a clean source.

The observance was created by the United Nations (UN) and the goal is simple, to raise awareness for all water-related issues and making it more accessible for those who desperately need it.

Ways to Help Observe World Water Day

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: There are a number of ways you can help limit or even prevent water pollution and it starts at home. Try washing your cars where the water flows into grass and plants versus the street, do not pour liquid cleaners and motor oils down storm drains, pick up litter when you see it (especially at the beach) and try going plastic free, just to name a few. A few companies helping lead the charge in these initiatives include Nalgene, which allows you to purchase BPA-free water bottles to reuse, Nomadix, which manufactures fast-absorbing towels and yoga mats from ocean plastic, and Woobamboo!, an eco-friendly oral healthcare brand which formulates sustainable toothbrushes.

Organize and Volunteer: You can always find time to hit the beach for a cleanup, dedicate time to helping build wells when abroad or by simply donating funds to companies who at the forefront of the cause. A few to checkout include Neverthirst, a non-profit which develops sustainable wells in countries which lack access to clean water, 4Ocean, which regularly holds periodic beach cleanups and also manufactures its own masks and jewelry from ocean plastic and Charity: Water, which holds cleanup initiatives, allows for donations and gives you the opportunity to throw your own fundraiser too!

For a comprehensive list of ways to help get the message out, courtesy of World Water day, click HERE.

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