Training and Education

Our proprietary education program, MedProU®, prepares you for life and work in the U.S.

Our proprietary education program, MedProU®, prepares you for life and work in the U.S.

MedProU® consists of a team of expert educators delivering training through live instruction, web-assisted training, and home-based learning. Our training includes clinical, professional and English exam preparation, and U.S. assimilation.

All MedPro International Healthcare Professionals are enrolled in MedProU® at no additional cost.

Professional and English Exam Preparation

Our MedProU® instructors will prepare you to sit for and pass English and professional licensure exams required to practice in the U.S. You will have multiple learning resources including live webinars, personalized one-on-one coaching, and a dedicated guide to keep you on track for success.

Comprehensive Clinical Training

You will participate in an extensive clinical training program where you will learn important skills to help you excel in your new career in the U.S. You will be enrolled in live, online, and self-study courses specific to your profession. You will receive personalized attention and the support of a dedicated team led by U.S. educators.

U.S. Assimilation

During Orientation in our Sunrise, Florida office our team of U.S. Assimilation Instructors will provide training on numerous topics to help you transition to US life. That includes subjects such as finances and budgeting, U.S. cultural differences, practical life skills, selecting and negotiating terms for housing, and childcare considerations.

THE MedProU® Team OF

MedProU® provides our healthcare professionals the necessary training to pass your professional and English exams. MedProU® proudly has the highest NCLEX-RN pass rates in the industry! Our experienced team is comprised of the following 12 team members:​​

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